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The Application

This site is based on an open-source application FinSL-signbank. The source code is publicly available and can be used and modified by anyone under the conditions of the license.

You can find the source code of FinSL-signbank in GitHub

Other Signbank versions source codes are also available in GitHub:

Authors of the Signbank application (see in GitHub):

FinSL-signbank has been mainly developed by Henri Nieminen.
FinSL-signbank is a fork of NGT-signbank, which has been forked from Auslan-signbank.
FinSL-signbank is maintained by Henri Nieminen.

Development Lead

Original authors

  • Auslan-signbank
    • Steve Cassidy
    • Trevor Johnston
  • NGT-signbank
    • Wessel Stoop
    • Onno Crasborn


Koneen Säätiö granted funding for the work on the lexicon of Kipo Corpus during the years 2013-2016.

FIN-CLARIN granted funding for the work on the lexicon of Kipo Corpus in 2014.

At the Finnish Association of the Deaf the development of Signbank database and the maintenance of Kipo lexicon is financed by Ministry of Education and Culture.